Services Offered

We’re delighted to offer internet services across a broad range of communities, including but not limited to: Ellerslie-Bideford, East Bideford, Lennox Island, Tyne Valley, Northam, Port Hill, Green Park, Birch Hill, MacDougall, Arlington, Bay Side, Richmond, Wellington Center, St Hubert, Urbainville, Mont Carmel, Grand River, Lot 16, Miscouche, Belmont, Sherbrooke, Slemon Park, Indian River, Hamilton, Linkletter, St Nicholas, and Sunbury Cove Estates.

Air Tech Communications takes pride in providing both Wi-Fi service, which is based on our towers, and fiber optic cabled service. It’s important to note that our fiber optic service is currently available in select areas only.

At Air Tech Communications, we are also excited to offer an extensive array of services:

  • Tailored Fibre Optic Deployments for expansive Local Area Networks (LANs).
  • Precision Trenching for custom fibre optic networks within subdivisions, ensuring they are securely placed below ground to avoid damage.
  • Comprehensive sales and installation services for Video and Security systems.
  • Continuous monitoring and support for Video and Security systems.
  • Specialized Managed WiFi solutions for commercial venues, campgrounds, residential subdivisions, and tourist attractions, complemented by our tower-based WiFi service.
  • Dedicated WiFi management and support services.
  • Advanced Smart Home system sales and installations.
  • Expert management and support for Smart Home systems.



Owning our fiber network affords us a unique level of control and flexibility, allowing us to manage installations, repairs, and expansions using our comprehensive in-house resources. With access to our own equipment, tools, and a team equipped with specialized skill sets, we can ensure rapid deployment and maintenance of our network infrastructure.

This autonomy not only accelerates our response times to service requirements but also enables us to maintain high standards of quality and reliability for our clients, without the dependency on external entities. This approach ensures that we can provide consistent, high-quality service, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our commitment is to provide cutting-edge and reliable services tailored to the unique needs of each community and client, ensuring access to the best in connectivity and smart technology solutions.