Want to check our network status?

We understand that when something is not working the way it should be, it can be very frustrating. Before you put in a request for support, we encourage you to check our network status. You can do that from this page and the included links. It’s easy to keep up to date with service information and upcoming offers through our various social networks. Consider liking us on Facebook or following our feed on Twitter.

There are many factors that can effect our network. Many of these things are out of our control, such as a power outage in the vicinity of one of our main service towers, or extreme weather conditions. Wireless rural internet comes with all sorts of challenges but we’re driven to make it work for you.

At our office of operations, we have a system that will alert us if any part of the network goes offline. If the network is off for more than 30 minutes, we’ll strive to inform you of that outage and the expected recovery time within one hour of that outage. We’ll also provide you with regular updates if the the outage is severe and may take longer to fix.

The feed to the right shows the latest information on our network.¬†You can also check our service tower locations by visiting our Tower Status page. This service sends a message to our towers and if they don’t send back a signal, the tower will display as offline. Locations¬†displayed in green are online and towers displayed in red are offline.

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