Fiber links to Towers….the Speed of Laser Light!

We have just completed connecting our MacDougall Tower and Grand River Tower to our Dedicated EastLink Fiber  PoP (Point of Presence) in Richmond.  Next stop is our Birch Hill Tower.  This should be accomplished in the next few weeks.

New Wireless Platform and Fiber Customer Pricing

March 2021 Air Tech has been busy the last several months upgrading its wireless platform in the Richmond, Northam Road, Sunny Side Road, MacDougall, Arlington, Bay Side, and Lot 16 areas.  In addition, 20 kms of Fiber Optic Cable has been placed in Richmond,...

Dec. 31, 2019 Update

Note to our customers in the Tyne Valley and Port Hill areas. We have made significant progress by re-purposing an existing tower in the area to serve as a temporary broadcast point to service our customer’s antennas. We have had to do this, as the existing one...

Dec 30, 2019 Update on Tyne Valley Work

Work is progressing. The crane work started later than planned due to late arrival of crane. We will resume work at day break and hope to complete by mid afternoon. Will update late morning.

Tyne Valley Rink Loss Dec 29, 2019

We have developed a plan to have internet service restored to Tyne Valley and area impacted by the loss of the rink due to a fire. Our equipment and electrical feed was damaged. We have the necessary equipment on hand and have booked a crane to start the necessary...

Customer Email Refresh / Update

Dear Valued Customer; We are about to refresh our customer email lists.  You should receive an email from us in the next few days so please check your email account that you provided to us when your service was established.  Should you not receive our email by...

Scheduled System Outage

Scheduled System Outage   There will be a system outage between the hours of midnight and 3am (tonight, June 15th,  into early morning), in the Grand River, Arlington, Birch Hill and Richmond areas.