Valued customers of Air Tech Communications. Several years ago, we began offering some of our clients an Air Tech email address ( as part of their service. Now in 2016, this service is no longer relevant thanks to services like Gmail and Outlook. Both of these services and the many other mainstream email providers offer a much better application. With this is mind we are discontinuing this service on April 11th.

The extremely small customer base who are currently still using this service (less than 5%) are encouraged to take advantage of the many migration services offered by the leading email providers.

Here is a link to both the Gmail and Outlook migration process.
Move to Gmail:
Move to Outlook:

Alternatively, you may wish to save your old emails and just register a new account with a service of your choice. If you’re having problems, please contact support.

Please note, your current email inbox will not function after April 11th. You may still be able to access your inbox but you will not be able to send or receive mail. We encourage the remaining customers to save any important emails before this date as a precaution.

By removing this old and scarcely used service, we’re going to use the resources to further expand on our support options. We look forward to sharing more with you in the months to come.