Over the past few years our customer base has grown. We now proudly serve hundreds of local people providing them with residential and business internet services. With this large number of clients comes a larger responsibility and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Over the next 14 days (Monday 14 – Sunday 27 March) we will be carrying out necessary maintenance in an effort to stabilize and balance our network. It has come to our attention that a number of customer’s signal strength is far beyond the majority of others and that is causing an uneven amount of service for some of our clients who are on the edge of our coverage area.

Over the next 14 days, you may notice short periods of service loss while we update the firmware on your wireless remote stations (these are the devices on your rooftops). This will allow us to monitor your service and provide better, faster and more productive support.

Not only will we be updating the firmware in these devices, we will be closely monitoring their signal strength and working hard to offer you the best service we can based on your location.

Finally, we are introducing a technique which will allow us to increase the amount of service available to ALL of our customers during peak hours. We are aware that during certain hours of the day the service quality is diminished and we plan to introduce new equipment in the coming months to further combat this issue.

During this maintenance period, we ask for your patience. If you suffer a loss of service for more than an hour, or you have speed concerns, please contact our support desk: support@airtechca.com

As always, our top priority is our customers.
We thank you for continuing to support a locally owned and operated business.